Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vacation Countdown

With my vacation coming up in 9 days (OMG) I thought I would do a little vacation blog!!  I leave for Hawaii in 9 days & I am ready but I am not ready!!  I have a lot to do before I leave!  I have all of our clothes ready & just have a few things to get at the store before we leave.  I am going with my parents, my son, my aunt & uncle & 2 cousins.  My husband is not going because he had no vacation time.  We are staying at Aulani, a Disney Resort.  While I am there I am planning on doing yoga on beach & a bootcamp type class on the beach.  You all know I love bootcamp.  We will be going to the North Shore 1 day to a Shrimp Farm & hike to a water fall in a state park.  I am hoping I can maybe go Parasailing.  I will be spending a lot of time on the beach & sipping some cocktails!!

I am hoping to get into the gym a couple times this week!! But we will see.  I know I am doing bootcamp on Thursday, but I think I will run & ride the bike Wednesday.  I might do a little walk around the neighborhood tonight.

I probably won’t blog again until I get to Hawaii because I have a lot to do next week before we leave.  I will be blogging on phone!  I love technology!!

Until next time!!

Yoga on the Beach
The Lazy River
The Resort

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Girls Run Fast Ambassador

I am excited to announce that I am now a Girls Run Fast Ambassador!  I am super excited to meet some more wonderful people who are as into running & fitness as I am!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Coffee Date

I have seen some bloggers do coffee date posts so here it goes!

I guess I start my saying “If we were having coffee what would we talk about”

-       I like watching crime shows.  My favorite is Criminal Minds & in last week’s episode both Morgan & Reid were shot & now I need to know if they are going to live!

-       I watch all the Real Housewives show on Bravo.  But my favorite was New Jersey until they decided to bring back Dina & get rid of Caroline.

-       I DVR every show I watch because my husband doesn’t want to watch The Real Housewives because they are fake.  Well it’s called entertainment!!  DUH!! He also says that the crime shows don’t portray how real cops act.  I say I don’t care it called entertainment!!!

-       Sunday afternoon is my time to catch up on all my shows!!  Don’t bother me or you may die!!  JK but seriously it’s my time!!

-       I got HBO just to watch True Detective and only watched one episode because I found the show boring but I learned I like Game of Thrones. 

-       The shows we watch together are:  Pawn Stars, Hillbilly Blood & Mountain Monsters. 

-       I am so ready for vacation I have been counting down since the were over a hundred days to go!! 

-       I am thinking about doing a duathlon, I just actually have to start riding a bike!!

I guess that’s really all I have to talk about!!  But I will do this again it was fun!!!

Until next time!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Changing up my Workout

I have been thinking adding a little change up to my work-out schedule.  I still want to run as much as I can but want to add in a bike ride too!!  Luckily, I can ride the bikes at the gym.  I do ride the bike occasionally but I think it’s kinda boring!! I find running on the treadmill is more entraining.  I know some people who hate running on the treadmill!!  I would rather run outside but I don’t the treadmill!!!  What got me started on the whole bike thing was my neighbor of all people!  They are getting to move & they were cleaning out their garage.  She came over and asked me if I wanted a bike and of course I said YES (it was free)!!  I haven’t ridden a real bike in years but what the heck!!!  My husband thinks I am crazy but I told him I would ride it!!  So now I want to start training for some kind of bike race!!  Do they have those??  I have no idea!!!

I am still training for my runs!!  I really think my next run is in July!!  The Diva Dash with my best friend Holly!!  I really want to do a 10k this year but we will see what happens! I need to do some research to see when a 10k is around here!

I did make an awesome Coleslaw this weekend!!  Here’s the recipe.

·         6 cups cabbage (preshredded, or 6 cups coleslaw mix), I shredded the cabbage myself

·         2 tomatoes (seeded and chopped)

·         6 green onions (coarsely chopped)

·         2 jalapeno chilies (finely chopped), I used 3 because we love jalapenos

·         1/4 cup cider vinegar

·         3 tbsps honey

·         1 tsp salt
        Mix all up in a big bowl & let it set for a couple hours & enjoy!!  I brought for lunch the next day    &  it was even better!
    Until next time!!