Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As My Training Continues

Well I haven’t posted my progress in a while so here is goes:

  • ·         I finished the Race for the Cure in 39 minutes! Yuck!  But I finished & I finished in less than 40 minutes which is always my goal!!

  • ·         After my horrible Race for the Cure finish, I started to kick my Butt into gear.  My dad & I were supposed to do the Tulsa Run 15k together but neither one of us had been training the way we should.  So we are doing the 5k instead. 

  • ·         For the last 3 weeks I have been working on my endurance.  I can now run almost 3 miles without stopping.  I can do it in about 35 minutes.  The real test will be on Saturday!!

  • ·         Saturday will be my 1 year anniversary of my very 1st 5k!! 

  • ·         I think I have become addicted to running!!  When I am running my stress just goes away!!

  • ·         My next goal will be the Route 66 Marathon relay (5 miles)!!  It will be my longest run ever!! I can do it!!
  • I have already started to look for 5k’s in 2014!!  I think will be doing the St. Patrick’s Day 5k & may the Aquarium 10k or 5k (depending how my training is going)!!  
Well that's it for now I will try to post after my race on Saturday!!

Happy Running,