Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Update

I feel as though I did pretty good this week with my workouts!!

Monday – Rode the bike 8 miles (20 minutes)

Tuesday – Ran 1.7 mile on the treadmill (20 minutes)

Wednesday – I took a rest day

Thursday – I skipped Bootcomp because my son missed his bus home from school & I left work early to go get him.  So I did Lower & Upper body at home

Friday – Rest day! (it was my birthday)

Saturday – 3 mile run with some of my relay teammates. And I became a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador.

Sunday – Rest Day!!  Also I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Hopefully this week will just as good!!!


Until next time!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Week in Review

This week I was in the gym 3 times!! 
After 7 1/2 Mile on the Bike

Monday – I rode the bike for 7 ½ mile in 20 minutes

Tuesday – I needed a run day!!!  1 ½ miles!

Wednesday – I was tired I just wanted to go home after work, so that’s what I did!!

Bootcamp Day
Thursday – BOOTCAMP!!!  It was a great class as always!!!!

This weekend was the best weekend I have had in a long time!!!  Friday night was very relaxing.  Cole & I watched Face-off (the TV Show) together.  Then Saturday Todd & I jumped on the Harley & rode to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with some of our friends.  We had lunch & rode back it was just nice to get out on the motorcycle!!  Sunday was a relaxation day.  Well not really I did a 30 minute upper body workout & did laundry.  That is relaxing to me!!!  This week I plan on celebrating my birthday which is on Friday!!!     

Until next time!!
Riding down the road
Friday Night

Sunday morning workout

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Training Thursday: Goals

I have a few goals to accomplish by the end of the year!! 

1.    I want to buy a bike!!  I am not a big fan of riding the bike at the gym but I know that riding a bike is really good exercise.  Plus, a goal for next year is to maybe do a Duathalon. 

2.    I want to beat my PR for a 5k. 

3.    I want to get to a 10 minute mile in running

4.    I want to join a running club or maybe start one (any ideas on how to start one would be great)

5.    I want to get my husband in the gym with me because I think it would be fun to have him there.

6.    Work more on upper body strength

7.    Cross train is something I need to work on!!  I have been better.

8.    Run the Route 66 Marathon relay.



Now to actually accomplish these goal!!!  Wish me luck & encourage me to reach my goals!!!   

Until next time!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tips for New Runners

Disclaimer:  I got this off the internet.  But I will interject my thoughts on each topic!!!


1.     How to choice a race – Consider location, price, time and fitness level.  I always choice a race close to home!!  However, if it is a race I want to do I will travel.

2.    How to include your dog – Start slow, with a 10-minute run & increase mileage slowly like you would for your own training.  I don’t run with my dog (she doesn’t like people other us)

3.    How to choose a GPS Watch – Before you buy ask yourself what you’ll use it for & how often, determine what features you need.  I don’t use a GPS watch, I have several apps on my phone that work just fine.  I suggest Nike Running app or Map my Run.

4.    How to Safely Increase Mileage – 70% to 80% of your miles should be at a conversation pace & 20% to 30% should include hill sprints & speed intervals to build strength & endurance for long runs. 

5.    How to Treat Runner’s Knee – Run or workout out only when pain isn’t present.  At the same time, work on strengthening your core & hips to take pressure off your knees.  I have always had a problem knee so this is a good rule to live by!!!

6.    How to Safely Run in the Heat – Allow yourself a 2-week adjustment period to adapt to the heat, sticking with a slow pace.  Remember: Run when the sun is low, early morning or late evening, wear light-colored clothing & drink plenty of fluids.  When I run outside in the summer I run in the morning.  During the week I run on a treadmill.

7.    How to Prep for your First 5K – Eat a healthy dinner the night before-you don’t need to many extra carbs for a 5k – and start the morning with oatmeal and berries, a bagel or banana.

8.    How to Relieve Race Day Anxiety – Nutrition can ease even the worst race-day anxiety.  Try greens of magnesium, whole grain toast for vitamin B or branch amino acid supplements. I really don’t get race day anxiety.  If I do I just power though it!!!

9.    How to Properly Recover after a Run – Replenish blood sugar & muscle glycogen stores with cards, rebuild your muscles with protein & rehydrate with water.  I think what this is saying is eat bread & eat meat.  Also, Gatorade or PowerAde is my choice for after a run rehydration.

10.  How to Cross Train – Cross-training reduces the likelihood of injuries & make you a stronger runner.  Focus on your hamstrings, upper body & tight legs, all of which are common weaknesses in runners.  I wish I would have known this when I started running!!  I have now started to cross train!!  I really like to cross train.

Like I said at the beginning I got this information of the internet, I just thought it would be good information for anyone who would like to start running!!!       


Until next time!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Week's Recap

Last week was kinda crazy!!  I didn’t make it to the gym on Monday because Todd & I went to look at furniture.  Tuesday I did go to the gym & did the elliptical, is not my favorite but I did it for 20 minutes.  Wednesday was another gym day but it was lower body day which is not one of my favorite either but because my new workout partner wants to do it I kinda bite the bullet.  I really think I get enough lower body workout by running!!  But oh well.  Thursday is Bootcamp!!!  My favorite class!!! My new workout partner thinks this class is more cardio than anything else but I disagree.  It’s also lower body, upper body & cardio rolled into one!!!  That’s why I love it so much!!  Friday is always my rest day!!  Saturday I ran 2 miles with one of my Marathon Relay team members!! (I will talk about it a minute)  Sunday is normally a rest day but I decided to do 45 minutes of upper body work!!!  So I was in the gym 3 days this week, I ran outside once & I worked out at home once.  I really need to work on running & upper body!!  But my workout partner has other Ideas.  I have to get ready for the marathon relay.        

Now to talk about this marathon relay!!  I am super excited about this.  I did the Route 66 Marathon Relay last year with my sister.  This year I have a new team & I am team captain.  The team consists of: my BFF Holly, our friend Mandy, my friend Celeste, her husband Terry & me.  Our Team name is:  The Pink Ladies & a T-Bird (Terry is the T-Bird).  So, Saturday Celeste & I ran around our neighborhood.  We did 2 miles.  We all need to work on mileage, that’s why I need to work on running, instead of lower body!!  Oh well I will work it out & get the work I need!!  I am running the longest leg of the relay (5.6 miles), the reason for that is I want to prove to myself that I can do it!!

This week’s workout schedule is:  

Monday – Arc Trainer @ the gym (20 minutes) & maybe some upper body at home

Tuesday – Lower Body or Broken Arrow Fit Club (if I can convince my workout partner to)

Wednesday – Run 20 to 30 minutes

Thursday – Bootcamp

Friday – REST

Saturday – Outside run with Holly & maybe Celeste

Sunday – 45 minutes Upper Body  

Until next time!! Kristin