Thursday, April 6, 2017

Going Vegetarian (Kind of)

My husband & I have decided to go vegetarian kind of.  Let me explain.  We will be eating veggies & fish & occasionally chicken or turkey.  I am not sure it there is a name for that so I will go with vegetarian kind of for now.  This will be kinda a big change for us.  But we are ready to start a healthier lifestyle. 

We have been doing this for about a month and it has been going good.  We both feel better.  Blue Apron has a very good menu for us.  We get 1 fish meal & 2 vegetarian meals.  I am pleasantly surprised that vegetarian eating in very tasty.

Over this past weekend I made Turkey Meatballs.  I thought I would share the recipe:

1 or 2 lbs. Ground Turkey (you can also use chicken) (I used 2 lbs.)
1/2 cups Panko Bread Crumbs
1/4 Grated Parmesan Cheese
2 cloves Minced Garlic
1 tbsp. Italian Seasoning (oregano, basil & parsley)
Salt & Pepper

1. Mix together the turkey, bread crumbs, cheese, garlic, Italian Seasoning, salt & pepper.
2. Form into 16 equal sized balls.
3. Heat pan on stove top with oil (maybe 1-2 tbsp. of oil).  I use Canola Oil.  It's heart healthy.
4. Brown on meatballs on all sizes until lightly brown and cooked through.

We put these in our spaghetti. I also ate these with rice & sautéed sweet peppers.

Here are a few of the vegetarian & fish dishes we have made with Blue Apron!

Mushroom & Broccoli Cassarole 

Seared Cod with Potato & mixed greens

Seared Salmon & Lemon Labneh with Freekeh, Kale & Dates