Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Marathon Relay Checked off the List

Well I did it, I ran in a Marathon. Well I ran 5 miles of a marathon. 

I woke up on November 24 & it was balmy 24 degrees.  OMG what was I thinking I am going to go running in this weather.  I got out of bed, took a shower, ate breakfast & got all bundled up.  I was off to run the 3rd leg of the Route 66 Marathon.  I got to the staging area for my leg at 9:15 am but I knew my sister & Kelly wouldn’t be there until at least 10 but I wanted to make sure I was there & ready for them.  I wasn’t going to let my team down.  After my toes went numb from the cold & my knees started to buckle they finally arrived & I am off.  I ran most of my 5 miles & I had people cheering me on from the side of the road because I had my name on my shirt (see picture).  I don’t know what my time was but I think I finished my leg in 55 minutes to 1 hour.  Our whole finished in 4 hours 28 minutes.  I am really glad I did it however the cold weather can kiss my butt.  I would do it agian & maybe next year I can do the Half Martahon.  I did get a medal for finishing.  So I now have 2 medals.

My next race probably won’t be until March.  Unless I can find another one I want to do before then.  I was hoping to do the Jingle Bell Run again this year but I am so glad I didn’t sign up for it.  The low temperature for that morning is supposed to be 11 degrees.
So until next time keep on running!!!!
My race day outfit

My Medal

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tulsa Run & Such

Morning of Race
On a chilly Saturday morning my dad & I head to downtown Tulsa to do our 2nd annual Tulsa Run 5k together.   By no means was it as cold as our 1st one but it was chilly!  We started the race at 8:30 am.  We ran all the way to the turn around, which is about 1 ½ miles in.  We walk for about 2 minutes and then started to run again.  Then came the 1st hill of the race so we walked up the hill.  After the 1st hill we ran until the last hill of the race.  We walked up the last hill and ran the last of the race!!  We finished in 36 minutes 11 seconds.  I finished 59th out of 178 women in my age group.  I am super proud of myself. 
Tulsa Run Shrit
Now my focus is the 3rd leg of the Route 66 Marathon I am doing with my Sister & her friends.  It is a 5 mile leg, which shouldn’t be too tough.  I am ready for it!!  I really wish I had a running partner.  Even if we don’t talk during our run it would be good motivation for me & maybe for them.

My medal

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As My Training Continues

Well I haven’t posted my progress in a while so here is goes:

  • ·         I finished the Race for the Cure in 39 minutes! Yuck!  But I finished & I finished in less than 40 minutes which is always my goal!!

  • ·         After my horrible Race for the Cure finish, I started to kick my Butt into gear.  My dad & I were supposed to do the Tulsa Run 15k together but neither one of us had been training the way we should.  So we are doing the 5k instead. 

  • ·         For the last 3 weeks I have been working on my endurance.  I can now run almost 3 miles without stopping.  I can do it in about 35 minutes.  The real test will be on Saturday!!

  • ·         Saturday will be my 1 year anniversary of my very 1st 5k!! 

  • ·         I think I have become addicted to running!!  When I am running my stress just goes away!!

  • ·         My next goal will be the Route 66 Marathon relay (5 miles)!!  It will be my longest run ever!! I can do it!!
  • I have already started to look for 5k’s in 2014!!  I think will be doing the St. Patrick’s Day 5k & may the Aquarium 10k or 5k (depending how my training is going)!!  
Well that's it for now I will try to post after my race on Saturday!!

Happy Running,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hard Training

I have been a 5k machine lately!  In August I ran in the Diva Dash with my friend Holly.  I finished in 37 minutes.  Not my best finish but I was happy.  This coming weekend I an running in the Race for the Cure!  I have not been training as hard but I am sure I will do good!!  In October I am running in the Tulsa Run again but this year I am doing the 15k with my dad!!  After this weekend's race I am going to focus on my running & muscle building.  November 24 I am running the 3rd leg of the Route 66 Marathon (which is 5 miles).  I am really looking forward to this because I am doing it with my sister!!!  My goal is to do a half marathon next month!!

 After the Diva Dash
 Before the Diva Dash with my friend Holly
Race for the Cure
 Doing the 3rd leg of a relay
 Doing my 1st 15k

Not sure what I have gotten myself into but I am really looking forward to this adventure!!!