Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Half Marathon

Ok so I have decided that I am doing my 1st half marathon in April.  I have been training for 2 weeks & I feel great!!  I am on a training schedule that my sister Bethany gave me!!!  My training is as follows:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 20 to 30 minute run (I run on a treadmill during the week)

Wednesday – 20 to 30 minute run

Thursday – Cross train (I do Bootcamp)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long run (My 1st 2 long runs I have done on the treadmill)

Sunday – Upper Body Workout at Home (See blog post from 10/21/14 for my Upper Body Work out)

I think my husband thinks I am crazy for wanting to do this ½ marathon but I am determined to do it!!!!

Until next time!!