Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Half Marathon

Ok so I have decided that I am doing my 1st half marathon in April.  I have been training for 2 weeks & I feel great!!  I am on a training schedule that my sister Bethany gave me!!!  My training is as follows:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 20 to 30 minute run (I run on a treadmill during the week)

Wednesday – 20 to 30 minute run

Thursday – Cross train (I do Bootcamp)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long run (My 1st 2 long runs I have done on the treadmill)

Sunday – Upper Body Workout at Home (See blog post from 10/21/14 for my Upper Body Work out)

I think my husband thinks I am crazy for wanting to do this ½ marathon but I am determined to do it!!!!

Until next time!!


Monday, November 17, 2014


Yes I have been slacking!!! I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks.  I am still trying to get over whatever it is I have.  I think it’s allergies but they have been horrible. 

I need to get into the gym this week.  But I just need to do it. 

Also over the past few weeks a lot has been going on.  Cole got a job.  He works 2 to 3 days a week he loves it.  We went to St. Louis for my Aunt’s 60th surprise birthday party.  We had so much fun!!! 

This coming weekend I have the Route 66 Marathon Relay.  5.6 miles is longest I will have ever ran.  I am nervous & excited all at the same time!!

Until next time!!


Cole's 1st day of work
Ready to paty in St. Louis


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lower Body Workout

Now for my Lower Body Workout I do at home.  So here is:

I do 12 reps of each of these exercises, 3 sets

·         Squats

·         Lunges (12 on each leg)

·         Deadlifts

·         Donkey Kicks (12 on each leg)

·         20 Crunches

I am including pictures to show how to each exercise.  I got these pictures from Google.
There are less exerices for the Lower Body but that is becuse I feel Lower is harder.  I work harder on lower body too!
I use 10 pound hand weights when doing this workout just like I do with Upper Body.  If you have questions I will be happy to answer them!

Until next time!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Upper Body Workout

I told you yesterday I would go through the Upper Body Workout I do at home.  So here is:

I do 12 reps of each of these exercises, 3 sets

·         Overhead Press

·         Upright Row

·         Tricep Extension

·         Bicep Curls

·         Dumbbell Swing (each hand 12 reps)

·         Tricep Kickbacks

·         Flat Chest Press

·         Flies

I am including pictures to show how to each exercise.  I got these pictures from Google.

I use 10 pound hand weights when doing this workout.  If you don’t have hand weights cans from your pantry might work.  If you have questions I will be happy to answer them!

Until next time!!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!  Well last week I was kinda not feeling well & so I didn’t get into the gym. L But this week I plan on getting a workout in every day.  Even if it's not at the gym, I have some really good home workouts that I will share later in the week. Because yesterday I did a workout & kicked my booty. 

Great Summit
It was a great weekend this weekend.  I spent time with my family & attended the Blog Well Summit.  Which was absolutely amazing.  This summit was geared towards Branding & Designing your blog! I really learned a lot from it & hopefully you will see changes in this blog within the coming weeks.  I did already make some small changes.  Hope you like them,     

Until next time!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend Update

Yes I know its Thursday but I am just now able to do my weekend update!!  Do sue me!!  I have just be crazy busy.  The weekend was kinda rough.  Our beloved Charlie Dog died.  He was 11 or 12 years old.  So Saturday my wonderful husband & son had to dig a really big hold in our back yard.  Charlie was a very large Black lab.  Saturday afternoon I had to go pick up my packet for my 5k on Sunday.  Sunday was the day!!  I got up to a nice breakfast my husband made.  Then my friend Holly cam and got me.  The race started a 8:30 it was a bit chilly when we started but after we got going it was a beautiful for a run!!  I finished in 37:17 at a 12:00 pace.  Very proud of how I did.

The weekend pf October 17 I am participating in the Blog Well Summit.  It is free & virtual. My kinda conference.  No traveling & no money.  I am not sure what to expect but I am hoping to learn some good tips & tricks for improving my blog!!  I have done anything like this before so we will see how it goes!!  

Until next time!!
Charlie Dog
Before the Race
After the Race

Crossing the finish line
Blog Well Summit

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crazy Busy

Oh my goodness I have been crazy busy lately!!!  I have neglected my gym workouts.  For the last two weeks I think I have been in the gym maybe 3 times, but I have worked out at home with weights & I have done a few outdoor runs.  Hopefully I will be back on track next week after my race this weekend.  This weekend half my relay team is doing a race on Saturday & the other half is doing a race on Sunday (I am on Sunday).  My BBF Holly & I are doing the Mustache Dash 5k on Sunday.  I am really excited

I am hope to stick to the following workout schedule next week:

Monday – Bike

Tuesday – Run

Wednesday – Run

Thursday – Bootcamp (Oh yeah I haven’t been to Bootcamp in 2 weeks.) L

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Group Run

Sunday – Weights at home 

Until next time!!

From this week

From Last week

Mushtashe Dash

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crazy 2 weeks

It has been a crazy 2 weeks!  I will be back to normal next week!!

Until then,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly update

So far this week has been crazy!!  I feel like I am slacking on everything.  I have not worked out at all this week! L I am hoping to get to the gym today.  Last week I did a pretty good job with getting to the gym.

Monday – It was Labor Day so I skipped my workout

Tuesday – We had a new A/C & heating unit put in at home so I just did a workout at home after they finished.  I did upper & lower body.

Wednesday – I ran at the gym.  Did 1 ½ miles in about 20 minutes

Thursday – BOOTCAMP

Friday – I rested.

Saturday – My relay team was supposed to run but it was raining.  So I did upper & lower body & a little cardio.

Sunday – I rested.

I feel as though I really am slacking this week but I will make up for it!!!!

Until next time!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Update

Last week I rocked the at my training!
Monday - I rode the bike at the gym & did 7.3 miles in 20 minutes
Tuesday - I ran on the treadmill & did 1.5 miles in 20 minutes
Wednesday - Rest Day!!
Thursday - Bootcamp!!
Friday - Rest Day!!
Saturday - Ran with my relay teammate Mandy & did 3.3 miles.  I also went to Academy & got a new bike, new running shoes, a step, some new workout clothes & new weights.  I also got registered for my next 5k.  The Mustache Dash!!
Sunday - Upper body workout with some squats!!
This week I hope to rock it again!!  I am feeling so good about how my training is going!!
Until next time
Saturday Run
My new Bike

Upper Body Sunday
Mustache Dash Metal


Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Update

I feel as though I did pretty good this week with my workouts!!

Monday – Rode the bike 8 miles (20 minutes)

Tuesday – Ran 1.7 mile on the treadmill (20 minutes)

Wednesday – I took a rest day

Thursday – I skipped Bootcomp because my son missed his bus home from school & I left work early to go get him.  So I did Lower & Upper body at home

Friday – Rest day! (it was my birthday)

Saturday – 3 mile run with some of my relay teammates. And I became a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador.

Sunday – Rest Day!!  Also I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Hopefully this week will just as good!!!


Until next time!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Week in Review

This week I was in the gym 3 times!! 
After 7 1/2 Mile on the Bike

Monday – I rode the bike for 7 ½ mile in 20 minutes

Tuesday – I needed a run day!!!  1 ½ miles!

Wednesday – I was tired I just wanted to go home after work, so that’s what I did!!

Bootcamp Day
Thursday – BOOTCAMP!!!  It was a great class as always!!!!

This weekend was the best weekend I have had in a long time!!!  Friday night was very relaxing.  Cole & I watched Face-off (the TV Show) together.  Then Saturday Todd & I jumped on the Harley & rode to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with some of our friends.  We had lunch & rode back it was just nice to get out on the motorcycle!!  Sunday was a relaxation day.  Well not really I did a 30 minute upper body workout & did laundry.  That is relaxing to me!!!  This week I plan on celebrating my birthday which is on Friday!!!     

Until next time!!
Riding down the road
Friday Night

Sunday morning workout

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Training Thursday: Goals

I have a few goals to accomplish by the end of the year!! 

1.    I want to buy a bike!!  I am not a big fan of riding the bike at the gym but I know that riding a bike is really good exercise.  Plus, a goal for next year is to maybe do a Duathalon. 

2.    I want to beat my PR for a 5k. 

3.    I want to get to a 10 minute mile in running

4.    I want to join a running club or maybe start one (any ideas on how to start one would be great)

5.    I want to get my husband in the gym with me because I think it would be fun to have him there.

6.    Work more on upper body strength

7.    Cross train is something I need to work on!!  I have been better.

8.    Run the Route 66 Marathon relay.



Now to actually accomplish these goal!!!  Wish me luck & encourage me to reach my goals!!!   

Until next time!!